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What is special about oldthing?

  • Benefit from the approximately 10,000 daily visitors to Oldthing.
  • From the registration and shop opening to the online placement of your articles, it takes only a few minutes
  • In addition, we will give you the setup fee of your own store for free.
  • Choose between several shopmodels. You can also change between the different models at any time afterwards
  • On oldthing, each seller gets his own shop
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  • 2Create your store easily with ready-made templates
  • 3Offer items comfortable
Commission shop
Action-/Simpleshop Premium shop

Commission shop

We do not charge any basic or listing fees - You pay per item sold

Entry level shop with 10 items

3 months free - on request for a further 3 months for 2 € per month renewable

Fixed price model up to 2000 items

We do not charge you any additional sales commission fees
Costs 2.5% - 8% commission 0 / 2 € per month 28 € per month
Item number unlimited 10 2000
Pictures per item 10 1 10
Shop portrait page
Showcase function
Publish your business address
Database upload
Use of own domain
Sum of the commission of the items sold in 3 months by you - due after 3 months Billing period 3 months free - after that 6 € for another 3 months due in advance 84 € for 3 months due in advance

The contract period for all shop models is 3 months and is extended by 3 months unless the contract is terminated in writing 4 weeks before the end of the contract. Excluded from this are the oldthing action shop as well as temporary special and voucher actions.
All prices include 19% VAT
We do not charge setup fees.

* If you want to add more than 2000 items, you can enlarge your premium shop in 1000 steps. The following prices apply:
Each additional 1000 items: plus 10 € / month
From 5000-10.000 items: plus 5 € / thousand and month

** For the provision shop you pay regardless of the shop size 2.5% to a maximum of 8% commission on all items sold through oldthing.
The following commission levels apply:
For items with a retail price

  • up to 500 € 8% sales commission
  • up to 800 € 7% sales commission
  • up to 1.200 € 6% sales commission
  • up to 2.500 € 5% sales commission
  • up to 5,000 € 4% sales commission
  • up to 10.000 € 3% sales commission
  • over € 10,000 2.5% sales commission
All sales commissions include 19% VAT.
Unsuccessful sales can be canceled.

Buyer protection

What security do I have if I order via shopping cart and pay for the goods in advance?

In principle, all providers are checked for oldthing and unreliable providers are excluded. When evaluating and assessing how secure and trustworthy a supplier is, we recommend that you check the number of sales already made by the supplier and the latest customer ratings before placing an order.

So that your purchases are worry-free, we additionally secure every order in your shopping basket with up to 250 Euro.

In the unlikely event that something should really go wrong and, for example, the goods don`t arrive and you don`t get your money back, our bank protection program intervenes. We will then refund the purchase price (maximum 250 Euros per item) if no agreement can be reached with the supplier. It can take up to four weeks from the beginning of the claim settlement to the payment of the amount.

Should you still have any questions, or wish to secure your purchases with a purchase price of more than 250 euros,please feel free to contact us.